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August 19, 2023

It keeps getting bigger! The Universe Network is now fully converted to custom Java code. Everything has been rewritten and many things have been added to the game.

Big updates:

  • Improved many features in general.

  • New Spawn area with leaderboard section, Merchant, Mage, Hunter, Crates, Premium Ranks board and Social Media board.

  • Replaced Moon Forest for Moon Island with biomes:

    • Green Woods with Goats and Chickens

    • Cotton Meadows with Llamas

    • Gleaming Grove with Gleam Cows and Bats

    • Jungle with Ocelots and Parrots

    • Honeydew Valley with Bees and Foxes

    • Lagoon with Glow Squids and Chickens

    • Crystal Falls with Axolotls

    • Deep Cave with Axolotls

    • Dunes Of Death (PvP area) with Spiders

    • Artic Plains with Snow Foxes and Polar Bears

    • Volcano

    • Coast

    • Ocean

  • Removed Raw Chicken, Porkchop, Apple, Truffle, Bear Tooth and Beetle as mob drops.

  • Added Snow Fox Tail, Llama Wool, Axolotl Gill, Spider Fang, Gleam Leather, Goat Horn, Bee Fuzz, Ocelot Leather, Parrot Feather and Glow Squid Ink for mob drops on Moon Island.

  • Added Gilded Mine I for Prestige 6+ and Gilded Mine II for Prestige 7+.

  • Replaced the Dungeon for The Hive and Prestige 1+

  • Added Razor, Floater and Hive Mind to The Hive.

  • Removed Beehives and Beecollectors.

  • Replaced Generators and Sellwands for Excavators and Fish Oil.

  • Added Meteor Scroll and Rabbit Scroll.

  • Replaced Bait Rod, Excellent Rod and Supreme Rod for Regular Rod with Speed Bait, Glow Bait, Luxury Bait and Titan Bait.

  • Removed Junk, Sardine, Tropical Fish, Eel, Tigerfish and Squid as fishing loot. 

  • Added Goldfish, Sea Urchin, Stonefish, Zebra Fin, Water Snake and Giant Squid for the Lagoon fishing loot.

  • Added Glimmer, Starfish Rainbow Snapper, Sea Horse, Sunfish and Prismatic Ray for Crystal Falls fishing loot.

  • Added Shrimp, Isopod, Jellyfish, Octopus, Anglerfish and Ghost Shark for Deep Cave fishing loot.

  • Added the Laser to Miners Pickaxe upgrade enchants.

  • Added the Geode Tracker to Miners Pickaxe upgrade enchants.

  • Added more detailed descriptions and trigger chances to Miners Pickaxe enchants.

  • Removed Dark Geodes.

  • Added Earth, Ocean and Infected Essence to craft Earth, Ocean and Infected Geodes with new loot tables.

  • Added Mending Apple.

  • Added Exotic Shards to buy and upgrade Exotic Armor.

  • Added Gem Bundles with 3 tiers, Moonstone Bundles and Exotic Shard Bundles.

  • Removed Unbreaking and Efficiency Books.

  • Added Lure and Key Luck Books.

  • Removed Copper, Iron, Titianium, Diamond and Moonstone Armor.

  • Added Plaguestorm, Atlas, Phantom, Apollo and Immortal Armor.

  • Added an Achievement System with a total of 100 tiers.

  • Added /kit weekly giving a Chromatic Key per week.

  • Replaced /enderchest with /vault (works the same) as a Lunar Perk.

  • Replaced /sellfish for /kit premium as a Galactic Perk giving a Mending Apple per 3 days.

  • Added /merchant /mage and /hunter to the Cosmic Perks for quick access to NPCs.

  • Replaced the x2 faster geode breaker to /vault 2 as a Celestial Perk.

  • Added Kraken that eats you when trying to leave the Moon Island.

  • Made every GUI have a custom background.

  • Improved items look overall.

  • Replaced /stats with /profile containing achievements, pickaxe and more stats about the player.

  • Added 2 personal Exotic armor pieces offers to the Merchant (change every 3 days)

  • Added Mechs (ridable robots to explore the Moon Island) for Prestige 4+.

Minor updates:

  • Added required Achievements for Miners Pickaxe enchants.

  • You only lose one Exotic Armor piece when dying, the rest will be unusable and needs to be repaired.

  • Changed the repair price at the Merchant to 30lvl xp + 3 Exotic Shards.

  • Adjusted the gold strike amounts based on Prestige.

  • Hunter trades glowing fish for Fish Oil now.

  • Hunter buys mob drops now.

  • Retextured Bear and Cow

  • Retextured Dungeon mobs to fit The Hive.

  • /shop has been updated with a few more items.

  • Added Premium Kit Perk to Legendary Crate.

  • Increased the prize when finishing The Hive.

  • Removed gems as a prize option for The Hive.

  • Changed the limit of Generators (Excavators now) you can have from 2,500 to 20.

  • Nerfed the amount you get from Excavators.

  • Decreased the amount of Gems needed to max out Excavators.

  • Nerfed Scavenger and Key Finder.

  • Buffed Gem Luck, Geode Luck and Key Luck by a lot.

  • Increased the number of Gems needed to upgrade tools at Merchant.

  • Improved and all loot tables.

  • Doubled the rank up prices.

  • Added Ametrine ores worth $27 (Rose Quartz is $20 as comparison) to Gilded Mines.

  • Changed Stone to Redstone ores in PvP Mine (value increased).

  • Increased the size of the PvP Mine

  • Added cooldown for consuming (Enchanted) Golden Apples.

  • Replaced enderchests with Vaults and added more to the side of the mines and next to NPCs.

  • Added an option to disable a Miners Pickaxe enchant in the GUI.

Other updates:

  • Added a Community Center in the Lobby.

  • Added huge "THE UNIVERSE NETWORK" letters in the Lobby.



March 17, 2023

A sudden popularity explosion forced us to take The Universe into a serious maintenance, to make sure it offers high quality gameplay and performance. Don't be shocked if a nice feature got removed. Most of them are temporary, so we can bring a better version back later on.

Thanks to the big community we were able to find a lot of bugs, which are now fixed. Our Staff Team is now 4x bigger, the community 16x.

Big updates:

  • The Universe is now a network of multiple protected and connected servers acting like one.

  • More than 60% of the scripts and plugins have been rewritten.

Minor updates:

  • Player's location is synchronized between servers.

  • Added the Beaver, Bread and Dragon Pet (based on community votes).

  • Reenabled the Dungeon and Full Moon events.

  • Rebalanced the Legendary Crate (Removed prizes: Gemstones, Experience. Added prizes: Fly Perk).

  • Removed Holo Projector.

  • Ores in Mines now instantly sell (removed /autosell and physical ore drops).

  • Removed top 3 Islands in the Spawn.

  • Removed Carl and Player Shops from Islands.

  • Added more holograms through the Prison (removed top commands /prisontop, /baltop, /hunttop, /mobtop, /fishtop, /killtop, /deathtop).

  • Cleared the Solar perk 'Unbreakable anvils'. Will be updated with a new perk in the near future.

  • Cleared the Cosmics perk '/block'. Will be updated with a new perk in the near future.

  • Renamed the Cosmics perk '/privatechest' to '/vault'.

  • Changed the prefix for Emojis from ‘\’ to ‘;’.

  • Changed the Celestial perk '7 Extra Player Shop slots' to 'Claim 2 Islands'.

  • Added /preferences.

  • You can now mention players by typing their name.

  • Added [item] and [i], which shows the handheld item in chat.
  • Added a 3 second delay for Prisoners and Lunar players.

  • Chat now prevents duplicated messages.

  • Updated Discord Bot with /link and /donator.

Things that work a bit differently for now, because we just wanted to open the server:

  • Hunter quest progress is not saved/synchronized between servers.

  • Particle and Pet settings are not saved/synchronized between servers.



January 14, 2023

The biggest community update ever! We added a huge amount of QOL to the server. Thanks to custom models we were able to absolutely improve the visuals and gameplay without limitations. Prison is really getting a twist now.

Big updates:

  • Improved the overall in-game appearance with clean interfaces and custom items, models and images.

  • Added hundreds of new sounds to enhance the gameplay.

  • Added the Celestial Donator Rank.

  • Added 8 custom modelled Pets with sounds (removed shulker pets, previous owners are compensated).

  • Revamped the Miners Pickaxe with 10 custom enchantments. It is now locked in the players first slot.

  • Added 27 skins for the Miners Pickaxe (can be carried to future seasons).

  • Added Player Shops.

  • Added Airdrops to Full Moon.

  • Rebuild the Mines to be bigger, due to more powerful pickaxe enchantments.

  • The Moon Forest (formerly Key Forest) contains 3 new locations, one of them being the Wood Mines.

  • Changed the Islands to bigger ones connected by floating bridges.

  • Islands are now sorted in /islandgo based on the amount of unique visits. The top 3 is displayed in spawn.

  • The Merchant now allows gear upgrades (armor and tools are no longer craftable).

  • The Hunter is now a quest master asking for various Moon Forest loot items in return for money and Beehives.

  • Added Geodes and Dark Geodes that can be opened by the Merchant.

  • Added the Mage, offering various custom Enchantment Books (removed the Enchanting Crate).

Minor updates:

  • Money is earned faster compared to Season 2.

  • Added Moonstones (removed Moonflowers).

  • Added Moon Scroll and Dungeon Scroll (removed the automatic start of events).
  • Players can now choose between money and Gemstones as they enter the Dungeon treasure room (removed Ancient Debris).

  • Added the Legendary Crate (removed the Mystery Crate).
  • Added the Mining Crate.
  • Balanced all Crate prizes, gave the Voting Crate better prizes.
  • Added Money Bundles.

  • Added Jar of Gems.

  • Added new mob drops: Starfish, Fox Tail, Bear Tooth and Beetle.

  • Bee Collectors now harvest Bees with a single click.

  • Added /autosell/warp/gens, /hives, /fishtop/hunttop/questtop/huntstats/mobtop/mobstats, /jar/block (Cosmic Perk).

  • Updated /dailyreward/stats.

  • Added a Voting Hall to the spawn where players can vote for upcoming features.

  • Updated some Donator perks.

  • Removed Seasonal particles (previous owners are compensated).

  • Removed Seafood Stew, Horrific Stew and Sparkling Soup.

  • Removed Rename Tag.



July 28, 2022

The first massive update based on community suggestions adding tons of new gameplay. All plugins have been removed and are entirely reprogrammed, making the server run on unique custom codes. From now on, new features can be implemented wherever and whatever the cummunity suggests through the Discord.

  • Improved the ingame appearance with a sorted tablist, more info in the nametag, hologram images and custom chat prefixes.

  • Moved the Key Forest to the lobby with its PvP Area and rebuild everything.

  • The Key Forest is now located in the desert, surrounded by a big wall and contains more biomes. Gameplay has entirely been rewritten:

    • Added new mobs: Bears, Foxes, Pigs, Bats and Chickens.

    • Added new mob drops: Fur, Truffle, Porkchop, Bat Wing and Feather.

    • Added Junk, Sardine, Tigerfish, Squid, Jellyfish, Treasure Chest and Glowing versions to the fishing loottable.

    • Added fish hotspots.

    • Added new recipes: Seafood Stew, Horrific Stew, Sparkling Soup and Leather.

    • Full Moon now occurs twice a day.

    • Moon Flowers are now used to make Sparkling Soup and can no longer be traded for tokens.

  • Made the Dungeon more than 4 times bigger + more advanced generation. Added a more exciting gameplay to it, forcing teamwork.

  • Added islands (removed the Plotworld).

  • Removed chest shops for being buggy.

  • Added /dailyreward to build a streak and collect daily rewards.

  • Added Gemstones (removed tokens).

  • Revamped the Miners Pickaxe. It is now upgradable with Upgrade Points, which are gathered while mining.

  • Added Beehive, Bee and Bee Collector to introduce Bee farming for semi-AFK earnings.

  • Added Holo Projector.

  • Added Gifts.

  • Added 4 Boosters (/boosters).

  • Added the Chromatic Crate.

  • Revamped the Mystery Crate (removed the Deluxe Crate).

  • Added the Repair Sign to the lobby. Clicking it with a tool will fully repair it in exchange for 30 levels of experience.

  • Added sell signs to the mines (removed the sell all NPC).

  • Changed some of the Donator perks to fit within the new season(s).

  • Added /stats to see live information about any player.

  • Retextured Generators to be more recognisable. They now drop Coins.

  • Removed /auctionhouse for not being used.

  • Adjusted Particle packs to new code.

  • Added Arrow trails and Kill particles.

  • Removed crossplay between Java and Bedrock to focus on better quality for Java players.

  • Added Season 2 cosmetic pack (removed Season 1 cosmetic pack from the store).



March 11, 2022

The very first official season focused on bugfixes and gameplay balances.

  • Added a brand new massive spawn lobby!

  • Added the Chillzone with 5 areas:

    • Maze.

    • King of Town: A big parkour town with PvP and Keep-Inventory enabled.

    • Ice Race: Enter a boat and race against other players on an exiting ice track.

    • Rollercoaster.

    • Parkour.

  • Added /warp store with Donation store showcase.

  • Added /warp info.

  • Added list commands: /baltop, /tokentop, /pvptop, /blocktop.

  • Added Generators to passively earn money (removed the Salary system).

  • Added /bounty to put a money reward on players.

  • Added /trade to safely trade items with players.

  • Added Chest shops using Oak Signs in the Plotworld.

  • Added /kit pickaxe to get a Miners Pickaxe. Upgradeable with tokens using /upgrade (removed Miner Gems).

  • Added Miners Helmet.

  • Added Sprinters.

  • Added Sell Wand.

  • Added Rename Tag.

  • Added Enchanted Golden Apple recipe.

  • Added infopanel when hovering over a playername in chat. Clicking a playername opens the message command.

  • Removed the Cow event.

  • Added crossplay between Java and Bedrock.

  • Added Season 1 cosmetic pack.


                                                                                                                               Bèta version


December 18, 2021

The bèta version opened to the public to gather lots of playtesters and a solid staff team.

  • Added a temporary spawn lobby, containing:

    • Voting Crate.

    • Mystery Crate.

    • Deluxe Crate.

    • Wheel of Enchanted books.

    • PvP Area ‘The Wild Sea’.

    • PvP Mine.

    • A fast running Cow spawns once a day in the PvP Area, dropping 1 Leather when killed.

  • Added 26 Ore mines and a Wood Mine.

  • Added Mine ranks A-Z, with Prestige 0-10.

  • Added the Dungeon that randomly generates on every 4 hours reset, containing:

    • 4 Ancient Debris mines.

  • Added the Key Forest, containing:

    • Wild animals, dropping a key by chance, which can be used to open Crates at spawn.

    • Fishing spots.

    • Full Moon event once a day, spawning Magical Squids and Moon Flowers.

    • Hunter NPC, where Key Forest loot can be sold.

  • Added Plotworld, with a lot of player commands.

  • Added /shop.

  • Added /coinflip to gamble money with other players.

  • Added /ah to sell and buy items from other players.

  • Added /kits to get free gear limited to a period of time.

  • Added a salary system to earn money while being offline.

  • Added Pickaxe upgradeable with Miner Gems, which can be found in all Mines.

  • Added the Jail of Shame.

  • Added Donator Ranks with non-pay-to-win perks.

  • Added Donator mini Shulker pets.

  • Added Donator particles.

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