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Besides having a rank to visit the different mines, players can also donate to the The Universe through the store to get a permanent Donator rank. Donations make it possible to keep the server online and updated with cool new features. There are 6 Donator ranks, each giving 4 non-pay-to-win and very fun perks to the player. Note that a higher rank also gives access to all lower perks. Donator ranks display before the player's name.

- Virtual Enderchest with /enderchest or /ec.
- Virtual Crafting Table with
/workbench or /wb.
- Instant 
ranking with /rankupmax.
- Donator Rank displayed in nametag, chat, tablist and 


- Check player last seen with /seen <player>.
- See others inventories with 
/invsee <player>.
- Use colorcodes on signs with 
- Bypass chat cooldown.


- Fly in the lobby, mines and islands with /fly.
- Sell all
fishing loot with /sellfish.
- Bottle up your experience with 
/bottle <xp> or /bottleall.
- Matching Arrow trails with 


- Coming soon...
- Use colorcodes in chat with /colors.
- Private virtual Double Chest with
- Matching particles on player kill with 


- A 100% chance a players head will drop on kill.
- Custom 
emojis in chat with /emojis.
- Put items on your head with 
- Wrap items into 
Gifts with /gift.


- Golden name and golden join message.
Ability to claim 2 islands.
Geodes open twice as fast.
- Unlock the Celestial Pickaxe skin.

* Players with this rank are verified to host official giveaways.

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