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Show who's the strongest!

The PvP Area is the place to beat everyone up with your sword and bow. It is located next to the spawn and can be jumped into from the square. Player versus player is enabled in this area. There are 4 small gates and 1 main entrance leading to the Moon Forest. Players who can fly because of a Fly Perk or Donator rank, cannot fly in the PvP area.


The PvP Mine is an open mine located in the middle of the PvP Area.

It contains Stone and Rose Quartz.



Whenever a player hits another player, they both get the combat tag. Not hitting anyone and not getting hit will cause the combat tag to disappear after 10 seconds. During combat players cannot use commands and cannot leave the PvP area through the Moon Forest gates. Disconnecting during combat leads to death of the player. This way PvP is fair and cheaters are countered.


Whenever a player kills another player, there's a 20% chance the victims head will drop (100% if the killer has Eternal rank). These heads can be placed on a players' island to show off kills.

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