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Make it your home


Players can claim an island where they can build, store items, farm money, fill their shops, hang with friends and do whatever they like on their property.

There are a few commands available to the player to manage their island:

/island create : Creates a fresh island and sets the player as owner of the island.

/island visit <player> : Teleports the player to the island of the specified player.

/island home : Teleports the player to their own island.

/island members [add] [player] : Inspects and handles members of your island.

/island alias [add | remove] [alias] : Modifies the alias of your island.

/island name <name> : Modifies the name of your island.

/island settings : Shows some settings of your island.
/island info : Shows information about the island.

/island [kick | deny] <name> : Kicks or denies the specified player from your island.

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