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Fight your way through!


The Dungeon is the most dangerous place in the Prison, but for a reason. The entrance is located in the far right corner of the Moon Forest. Entering the cave teleports the player to the end of the cavesystem where the Dungeon is hidden. Everytime someone uses a Dungeon Scroll a 1 minute countdown starts after which the Dungeon opens its doors. Players now have 30 minutes to jump down and find the treasure. Players must work together to find their way through the 3 levels of the Dungeon, because on the 4th level are 4 statues waiting to bless the player(s) with money or Gemstones, depending on how fast they reached the Treasure Room after the Dungeon opened. The personal multiplier is also used to calculate the size of the reward. 


The Entrance

A Beacon room

A Pit room

The Treasure room

Every level contains 1 pit to the next level and 3 beacons in the form of giant crystals. In order to open the pit, all 3 beacons must be activated by the presence of players. The first level of the Dungeon is the easiest one with the weakest mobs, like unarmored zombies. The deeper into the Dungeon, the stronger the mobs get and the less safespots rooms have. All mobs have a small chance to drop a Dark Geode. It is highly recommended to wear Titanium armor (or stronger) and bring some Enchanted Golden Apples. Also, bringing friends and working as a team will help reaching the Treasure room faster. It's of no use to try and remember the Dungeons' maze, since it regenerates a unique combination of rooms, routes, beacons and pits, every single time. Players who can fly because of a Fly Perk or Donator rank, cannot fly in the Dungeon.

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