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About The Universe


The Universe is a Minecraft multiplayer server dedicated to and expanding the Prison gamemode. It was opened to the public on the 18th of December 2021 featuring the bèta version 'Season 0'. The server resets once in a few months to implement new original features and gameplay to the Prison. Updates are mostly based on community suggestions in the official Discord that are positively tested by the Staff team. Current season: 3.


Start with joining The Universe server by using the IP adress ''. Enable the resource pack. Did you disable it? Simply click 'edit' in the serverlist to enable it.

⛏️In a nutshell


The goal of Prison is to rank up from rank A to rank Z10. Players can mine in the mines A-Z depending on their rank, sell minerals and use other smart ways to gather money. Generators are a popular way to get money, but there are much more very cool options to get rich! The rank up costs increase the further the player ranks up, furthering the challenge for each prestige. Players can claim their own island to store items, build, earn money, etc. Outside of the spawn is the PvP Area with a nice mine, which is surrounded by the Moon Forest where players hunt and fish for quests.

Our prison runs on more than 18.000 lines of code. This means a lot of original gameplay: events, like the opening of the Dungeon and the Full Moon. Crack Geodes to find rare gems. Or upgrade your pickaxe with 10 epic enchantments!

Tip: navigate by clicking the light blue and magenta words for more info

🎉Vote & WIN!

Votes ensure that the server becomes better known to new players. That’s why we give a prize to the highest voter, every single month!

Don’t worry if you did not win... We reward everyone! Use /vote in-game to access all websites: You receive a Voting Key for every vote with your Minecraft username. These keys allow you to open the Voting Crate to test your luck on great in-game prizes!

How to win?

All votes are reset every month, so start voting at the start of the month for your chance to be a winner (use the 6 websites on the side)! If multiple players obtain maximum amount of votes for the month, up to 3 winners are selected at random. You can see the top voters and your own votes in-game, in the spawn.


Winners will be contacted on Discord through a support ticket, so make sure to join and use /link in the channel '🧡┃link-your-account'

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